September 29, 2009

"Invisible Truth Unveiled"

Verse 1:
Although I don’t always see my sin,
The truth is I’m still broken.
There are times I don’t see the grace you give,
But how can I not when you still let me live.

Lord you are my stronghold and strength.
Your love and mercy has no length.
Savior my God you’re steadfast and true.
You won’t forsake us you’re a rock of refuge.

Verse 2:
I shall serve you cause you first loved me,
But my perspectives not fixed on eternity.
Why do I doubt your perfect word,
In times of trial and of hurt.


Verse 3:
If you have control of water and wind,
What in my life could you not mend?
You have proven your word by saving my life,
By the blood of your son on the cross that night.

Chorus x2

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