September 29, 2009


Verse 1:
Fallen race, chosen ones;
Determined grace, calls His sons.
Sanctify me, keep me holy;
I died with you, cause You died for me.

Verse 2:
We can’t do, what’s been done;
It’s all from you, through Your Son.
I’m not able, to live for you;
Only by grace, can I follow.

Verse 3:
Many have heard, few have changed;
Only his word, can rearrange.
All will listen, few will hear it;
Certain sinners, by the Spirit.

Verse 4:
The numbers are small, the debt is great;
He took it all, in my place.
There was no doubt, on the cross when;
Jesus cried out, “It is finished.”

Verse 5:
Hold my heart, in your hands;
Take my life, use your plans.
Your will be done, by your true son;
Send your Spirit, to the true ones.

Verse 6:
Hold on tight, to the end;
Pass from death, into life.
Sanctify me, keep me holy;
I died with you, cause you died for me.

Instrumental Chorus:

Part 2: Crescendo with music and vocals. The vocals will be “Yahweh” 3x and “I Am” the last time through.

"This Love"

Verse 1:
Your gorgeous face with that beautiful smile is all I see.
‘ts only matched by your incredible honesty.
To be honored is your desire of the Lord,
and your will to follow his righteous path I adore.

This love is not about the two.
We’re both living for the one.
Everyday we live our lives for you,
And praise you for what you’ve done.
We thank you, Jesus.

Verse 2:
That handsome smile set upon the face, with your tiny little dimples.
You sacrifice as much as a true disciple.
I see your love for the Lord through your words, actions, thoughts.
You lead me on, mindful of the price that Jesus bought.

This love is not about the two.
We’re both living for the one.
Everyday I live my life for you,
and I praise you for what you’ve done.
I thank you, Jesus.

"My Guide"

Verse 1:
Holy is Your name,
You went through so much pain.
You gave it all for me,
by dying on that tree.

Pure and loving are You,
You gave me something new.
I believe with all my soul,
You are my only goal.

I thirst for You when I’m feeling down, (feeling down)
You pick me up when I hit the ground. (hit the ground)
You opened my eyes and help me see, (help me see)
Your blood on the cross set me free. (set me free)

Verse 2:
Refreshing is Your love,
You came from heaven above.
I’m not worthy of You,
I’m part of Your faithful crew.

Jesus take my hand,
help me to understand.
Stay here by my side,
Jesus You are my guide.

I thirst for You when I’m feeling down, (feeling down)
You pick me up when I hit the ground. (hit the ground)
You opened my eyes and help me see, (help me see)
Your blood on the cross set me free. (set me free)

"My All"

First Part:
I’m running to you, you’re waiting for me
To come to the cross, down on my knees
And pray to God for what I’ve done

I put my faith in you, you have shown me the way
I will fall down, you pick me up with no delay
Cause you show grace to those who believe

Second Part:
You are my all, no one else is above you
You never grow old, everyday is something new
You will not fade, or grow weary forever

Third Part:
Saved me by your grace, took me out of the dark
Put my life into drive, took my spirit out of park
Made me grow and walk with you
Day by day, closer and closer
Until we meet in Heaven above


"Live to Die"

Verse 1:
You were born to die for us, King Jesus.
Conceived by the Spirit, made into man, our spotless Lamb.
The act of man led to death, the act of God gave breath.
The gift You gave was oh so great, that it sealed my fate.

From your birth you had a plan,
To redeem a sinful man.
By the cross you did achieve,
For all those who believe.

Verse 2:
The gift of faith, the gift of grace, the choosing of your race.
I have sinned I look the other way, there’s so much debt to pay.
For my sins You took my place, but I spit on Your face.
Even my thoughts go against You, make my heart like new.


Verse 3:
You’ve done everything for the ones, that You call as sons.
There’s nothing left for me to do, I put my trust in You.
Hearts can change by the Holy Ghost, so there’s no room to boast.
What’s more humble on the earth, besides the cross and Your birth.


"Invisible Truth Unveiled"

Verse 1:
Although I don’t always see my sin,
The truth is I’m still broken.
There are times I don’t see the grace you give,
But how can I not when you still let me live.

Lord you are my stronghold and strength.
Your love and mercy has no length.
Savior my God you’re steadfast and true.
You won’t forsake us you’re a rock of refuge.

Verse 2:
I shall serve you cause you first loved me,
But my perspectives not fixed on eternity.
Why do I doubt your perfect word,
In times of trial and of hurt.


Verse 3:
If you have control of water and wind,
What in my life could you not mend?
You have proven your word by saving my life,
By the blood of your son on the cross that night.

Chorus x2


Verse 1:
My words are bouncing, off the walls.
All the doors are closed, in this place.
Your word is the key, to the rooms.
It’s too dark to go, all alone.

Shine your light down the hall.
Make a way for them to see
Let them gaze at your light.
Open the door and set them free.

Bridge 1:
Lord you shook the foundation.
Lord you broke down the walls.
Lord what happened to the room?

Verse 2:
You took the dark and made it light, for yourself.
The heart of stone has been made flesh, thanks to you.
The unveiling of the truth, was your will.
The mercy shown and grace received, is all from you.


Bridge 2:
Lord you called me as your son.
Lord you gave your life for me.
Lord you’re the one who entered my room.

"Defend and Defeat"

Talking: From now until the rest of our days, Build up: we must fight!

Get out of the bubble and into the battle.
Shed some blood, for his sake
Prepare for his schemes (the devil), rebel against the dream (the culture),
And destroy yourself (the flesh).

Defended by armor, Defeated by Sword
The only weapon comes from the Lord.

Break down

Talking: We are protected by powers not of this world, Build up: Try and snatch me!

No condemnation, we are His possession, adopted as sons, what more can we ask for?

September 28, 2009

"By The Cross"

Verse 1:

By the cross I’ve been saved, it was the debt that Jesus paid…
It all for me this I read; now it’s time for me to bleed.
I take my cross everyday; Jesus you have paved the way…
For me to look, for me to trust; You gave the Spirit to all of us.

Verse 2:
Look to the cross day and night, walk by faith and for the light, You are the only way.
You are the way the truth and the life, to get to the Father you go through the Christ, the perfect sacrifice.
For God so loved the world that He gave, His only son meant for the grave, He rose in three days.
To live is Christ to die is gain, Jesus went through all the pain, He did not die in vain.

Four Hallelujahs in different harmonies.

"By No Means"

Verse 1:
Sin is like a Heisman trophy; I don’t let nobody hold it;
Not even God when I know, I should let Him mold me.
I’m hanging onto sin in the left, keep trying to hold it back.
And give God the stiff arm with the right, not ready to give him that.
Lord please take the ball from the left and place it in the right;
Cause if I were to die where would I be, at the end of the night.

Verse 2:
I thought I was a Christian but have all this sin in my life.
I start feeling guilty like you’re cutting at me with a knife.
My desire is to follow but I don’t think I can do it right.
The question here now is am I puttin’ up a steady fight.


Verse 3:
Are we to keep on sinning, Paul says, “By no means!”
But I sin everyday, so what the heck does that mean.
If Christ is in the heart then I’m assured of my faith.
In Romans 8:1 Paul’s saying I’m already safe.

Verse 4:
The formula for man says sin equals death,
So can I get air to my lungs or can I even take a breath?
I know I can’t on my own, so what is really left?
I know it might sound crazy but I’m trustin’ in a holy theft.


Verse 5:
We have died to the law, through the body of Christ.
So now we bear the fruit that God has sliced and diced.
If we’re dead by the law then it surely must be bad,
But you wouldn’t know the difference between right and wrong, that’s sad.

Verse 6:
So the law is actually good so I haven’t really died by it
But sin producing death in me and showin’ sin to be a filthy pit.
We can’t keep the law, no not a one
Except for the Messiah, God’s one and perfect son.
So he who knew no sin went to the cross for all of them;
To show his love for his bride; to free us and not condemn.

Have we died to our sin?
If we truly trust in him.
But we sin all the time.
So what’s the point of this rhyme?
It’s that the law shows we’re weak.
But it shows God at his peak.
And we know we can’t keep it right
That’s why Jesus hung there all night.

"Almost Congradulations"

Verse 1:
You can try on your own, go for it.
Work for what you want.
Nike says, “Just do it”
But Jesus already has.

Verse 2:
Clog your ears, veil your face;
Redirect them to His grace.
Don’t believe all you see and hear
Until you find it in the Word.

Verse 3:
We go around being good people for not good reasons.
Trying to earn our own way, but who can adopt themselves.
He bore ALL the wrath that we stood for.
What’s not clear about the word “ALL”

Do, go, work, strive, earn?
Done, wait, rest, abide, given?
Which do you belong to?