September 29, 2009


Verse 1:
My words are bouncing, off the walls.
All the doors are closed, in this place.
Your word is the key, to the rooms.
It’s too dark to go, all alone.

Shine your light down the hall.
Make a way for them to see
Let them gaze at your light.
Open the door and set them free.

Bridge 1:
Lord you shook the foundation.
Lord you broke down the walls.
Lord what happened to the room?

Verse 2:
You took the dark and made it light, for yourself.
The heart of stone has been made flesh, thanks to you.
The unveiling of the truth, was your will.
The mercy shown and grace received, is all from you.


Bridge 2:
Lord you called me as your son.
Lord you gave your life for me.
Lord you’re the one who entered my room.

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