July 3, 2009

Hey people,
This summer has been so amazing in so many different ways. But I feel like I have become stagnant the last couple of weeks. I have had a tough time focusing my days around God. I've been getting wrapped up in hanging out with the people on project, not saying that it is wrong, but i am replacing my time with Jesus for time with my friends. I could use some prayer to make sure I keep my eye on Jesus all day everyday. Through hanging out with some of my friends I have had some God-glorifying conversations. I've been able to get into some deep theological topics, some deep thinking in general, and being able to confess sins to one another. It has been sweet growing through community. I can't stress godly community enough, because we can learn so much more in fellowship than we ever could on our own. We should focus on keeping the body (church, believers) as one, and stay away from division in the body at all times. This is something I really would like to take back to my campus. the idea of "one" body, because i know there are a lot of cliques in our CRU movement at Ball State, and i would like to get rid of that as much as possible. Hope everyone is having a sweet summer, and by sweet i mean God-centered. stay strong in the faith.

By God's Grace,