August 29, 2010

Selfless Servant

I can safely say that Trip Lee is my favorite artist. His creativity with his lyrics is inspiring, I love the choices of music on his new album, it's great to always be pointed back to the Gospel through his lyrics, his authority is wholly based on God's Word, and the best is his humility. He doesn't seek any gain for himself, but his main goal is to glorify God with the gifts He has given to him. I see these qualities in Trip's lyrics, when he speaks in interviews and concerts, and was clearly shown to me after talking with him after his concert. Being able to see another man, who's only one year older than me, live out what he says in his lyrics is super encouraging to me. God has and is clearly doing work in Trip's life, and is using Trip as a broken vessel to minister to other broken creatures in order to point them back to the one who has it all together, which is Jesus. God has given Trip a servant's heart. He wants to serve people at his concert by pointing them to the Gospel. He wants to serve and shepherd a flock one day by becoming a pastor. Who would have thought humility would have been the best quality of a leader? Christ is definitely seen through Trip. His love, humility, servant's heart, seeking God's will for his life, and striving to glorify God are visual displays of Christ. His heart has been regenerated by God, he is being sanctified by the Spirit, and has been declared just before a holy God on account of Christ's work and none of his own.
I had a couple intentions for going to his concert last night. 1.) I wanted to be pointed back to Christ, the Gospel, encouraged, and hopefully convicted. 2.) I wanted to encourage Trip and show him how the work God has done in his life has effected me. I wanted to show him the fruits of his labors, and confirm that they are not in vain. Together we can praise God and give Him glory for the work He has done in Trip's life and the work He has done in my life through the use of Trip.
If God has used someone in your life to build you and grow you closer to the Lord then you can thank that person by all means, but let us not forget the source, the one we serve, and the reason we serve. That is God and his glory. Praise God for the mercy he has bestowed upon sinners and the grace He shows by allowing us to serve and take part in His kingdom work. God doesn't need anything from us, but everything we have is from Him.
"How deep the Father's love for us, How vast beyond all measure that He would give His only Son to make a wretch His treasure."