August 10, 2009

Well i haven't posted a blog for quite some time. I got so busy with summer project that I kinda forgot to keep everyone informed of what amazing things were happening in Ocean City. I'm back home now, so this is my first post project blog. There are so many things I could share. I'll start by saying that my project job once the staff left was an action group leader (Bible study leader). I discipled three out of my four roommates and was discipled by one of my friends on project named Jake Morris. I really experienced a lot of growth this summer, but it came in many little ways. There was not one big revelation I had, but an accumulation of pieces here and there that stuck with me. My heart for evangelism has changed, my understanding of community has grown, my knowledge and trust in God's sovereignty has grown, my site of God as Savior and Lord has been amplified and my view of my sinfulness has become more aparent, trusting and putting faith in the promises of God found in his word has been rooted in my head, spending time in prayer and in God's word are the heart beat of a Christ follower, being an exile, alien, and an outcast for the sake of Christ is how we are meant to live.
I am very sad that I am not in community with my 110 new friends, but I am excited to share what I have learned with others, and hopefully build up the body of Christ wherever I am. I pray that the people on this summer project and myself use the skills we have acquired and take them back to our hometowns and campuses, and equip a new generation of passionate Christ followers. Awake American To the Gospel of Christ.

By God's Grace,


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