September 28, 2009

"By No Means"

Verse 1:
Sin is like a Heisman trophy; I don’t let nobody hold it;
Not even God when I know, I should let Him mold me.
I’m hanging onto sin in the left, keep trying to hold it back.
And give God the stiff arm with the right, not ready to give him that.
Lord please take the ball from the left and place it in the right;
Cause if I were to die where would I be, at the end of the night.

Verse 2:
I thought I was a Christian but have all this sin in my life.
I start feeling guilty like you’re cutting at me with a knife.
My desire is to follow but I don’t think I can do it right.
The question here now is am I puttin’ up a steady fight.


Verse 3:
Are we to keep on sinning, Paul says, “By no means!”
But I sin everyday, so what the heck does that mean.
If Christ is in the heart then I’m assured of my faith.
In Romans 8:1 Paul’s saying I’m already safe.

Verse 4:
The formula for man says sin equals death,
So can I get air to my lungs or can I even take a breath?
I know I can’t on my own, so what is really left?
I know it might sound crazy but I’m trustin’ in a holy theft.


Verse 5:
We have died to the law, through the body of Christ.
So now we bear the fruit that God has sliced and diced.
If we’re dead by the law then it surely must be bad,
But you wouldn’t know the difference between right and wrong, that’s sad.

Verse 6:
So the law is actually good so I haven’t really died by it
But sin producing death in me and showin’ sin to be a filthy pit.
We can’t keep the law, no not a one
Except for the Messiah, God’s one and perfect son.
So he who knew no sin went to the cross for all of them;
To show his love for his bride; to free us and not condemn.

Have we died to our sin?
If we truly trust in him.
But we sin all the time.
So what’s the point of this rhyme?
It’s that the law shows we’re weak.
But it shows God at his peak.
And we know we can’t keep it right
That’s why Jesus hung there all night.

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