June 12, 2009

I got a job on monday, so i've worked a few days already. I work at Johnson's appliances and bedding, and we deliver appliances and beds to people pretty much all across new jersey. I've seen God work in multiple ways so far. my friends have some great stories about people coming to Christ, and a couple healing stories as well. Recently my friend Jon hurt his knee, and could have torn his ACL, so people have been praying intensely over his knee. We are trusting that the Holy Spirit will heal his knee, and Jon has seen healing for himself and has healed people through the power of the Holy Spirit before. I was kinda skeptical about this whole healing thing at first but after hearing the stories people have told me, and I trust these people and they have no reason to lie to me, I've rethought this whole healing thing. I totally believe the Holy Spirit has the power to heal people. we see healing happening in the Bible and we believe the Bible to be true, so why can't the Holy Spirit still heal people. the Holy Spirit that raised Christ from the dead is the same Holy Spirit that can heal people today. We don't demand that God heal Jon, but we just ask and plea that God will use his power to heal his knee. If it is in God's will for Jon's knee to be healed then that would be amazing. If God shows himself through healing Jon then we pray that we don't become prideful because of anything we have done or prayed, but that we would sing of God's praises, and Jon could use this as a testimony to Christ's glory. God's glory is the only reason we want his knee to be healed. If you guys could be praying for Jon's knee then that would be awesome cause we need as much prayer as possible, and if his knee gets healed then I will try to let you know as soon as possible. talk to you soon.

By God's Grace,


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