June 5, 2009

Hello again,
It is a rainy friday and my friend Megan from BSU and Maggie from Madison, Wisconsin are just chillin at a coffee shop nearby, so I thought it would be a good time to update a little bit more of what is going on. This past Sunday night we had a 3 hour student led prayer time, and it was nothing short of amazing. I believe the day before we had our mens and womens time, and I don't know what the women did, but the men played some intense ultimate frisbee. After the fun time we went back to the house and went into a time of seriousness. A time for guys to open up to other guys about things that they are struggling with in their lives. It was such a blessing for everyone to share and be real with people. A huge focus among the guys on project is to be genuine with one another, and so far everyone has been so open and authentic. I don't have a job yet but I will definitely have one this coming week because things will start picking up, and people will begin hiring more people. It has been frustrating not having a job yet, but it has also been a blessing because I can stay up late and talk to my brothers and sisters about God and life in general. It has been such a growing and humbling time during our late night conversations. The Lord has made himself known in everyone on project, just by the way everyone has been open and genuine with one another. It is so sweet to see the Lord work in other people's lives. That's all for now, but be prepared for my next post.

By God's Grace,


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