October 10, 2010

Unashamed Tour 2010: The Movement

It is exactly one month until the Unashamed Concert in Lima, OH with Lecrae, Trip Lee, Sho Baraka, Tedashii, DJ Official, and special guest PRo. I'm so excited to see the whole 116 clique, at one concert, with one purpose (to glorify God), and working as one body to build up the body (the church).
I got to see Lecrae in January of '08 at a church in Chicago. At the time I just started listening to Lecrae and was discovering Reach Records. Over the past two and a half years, I have been able to find other Christian rappers that have the same goal of glorifying Christ with their lyrics and more importantly their lives.
The guys at Reach have become my favorite artists to listen to. They don't just try and set the bar high for other Christian artists, but they try and push the standard in secular music as well. By appearing on the iTunes charts multiple times, I think this is a good sign of how Reach Records has pushed the standard for all artists.
They don't just strive for perfection with their beats and music, but constantly perfecting their flows, rhymes, and ideas. And making sure they portray Christ in their lyrics, the same way Christ is portrayed in the Bible. They don't sacrifice good theology for catchy hooks. Just because something is catchy and it sounds good doesn't mean it's true, and these guys are all about proclaiming truth. God's Word (the Bible) is the only absolute truth, so their lyrics are clearly based around Scripture. Living in a world where the media can easily influence us, why not use it to bring glory to God and proclaim his Gospel to a fallen world.
I'm excited to see how the concert will be structured. When I saw Trip Lee this past August, his set was based around the Gospel, and he used his songs to walk us through and give an illustration of the Gospel. I'm really interested to see what creative route they are going to take in order to point believers back to Christ and to proclaim the Gospel to unbelievers.
I can't wait to worship God with the people who are going to be in attendance that night. I pray that God teaches, encourages, and convicts everyone, including myself, through the words that will be spoken on that stage. I hope the Holy Spirit works through the hearts of the people in the cities where the Unashamed Tour will be stopping.

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