January 7, 2010

"Live, Die, Live Again"

Verse 1:
Why do you call me your son?
Why a child such as I?
Without your hand on my heart,
My hope would be no more.

Bridge 1:
Fully God in human form,
But unlike us he did not conform

But instead he took our place, on the cross.
He bled and died and bore our shame.
There was more we should have known,
Cause then he rose and sat on his throne

Bridge 2:
Oh what a mystery; we search but our minds cannot conceive.
Praise God for what he reveals through his Word; gives us life and makes it real.
Our hope is found in Christ.
So I shall give my life.

Verse 2:
I will go where he leads me.
No need to fear our God is here. I trust his sovereignty.
He’s love, he’s just, he died for us, he lied there in the grave.
He rose in three days.
Our faith is not in vain.
We have been reclaimed.
That’s why we’re not ashamed.

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