January 25, 2010

"God's Love Through the Gospel"

The love of God is something that I can’t grasp, but strive to grow in my understanding of by the power of the Holy Spirit. He created us to be a perfect reflection of himself, and to bring our creator glory. Our sinful nature inherited from Adam keeps us from fellowship with the Father.
I am a disgusting person in need of a Savior, and I don’t always see my sin for what it truly is. Actually I never see my sin for what it truly is. It is wretched, dirty, corrupt, gross, shameful, filthy, disgusting, perverted, nasty and so much more when compared to a holy, just, merciful, upright, perfect, righteous, and a sovereign God.
This is the reason I need a Savior, but a Savior was not something I asked for. I didn’t seek a Savior from my worldliness. Jesus found me and willingly saved my soul. He wasn’t forced or tricked into dying on the cross.
This is the love that I can’t grasp; how God would give up his only Son, so I could have him. It was God’s idea and plan that his Son would be crushed and broken beyond human recognition, and his blood would flow from his ripped flesh. He came up with this sick idea! There was no plan B! How could a loving God do something this wrathful to his own Son?!
The answer is love. Love for a sinful race and self-serving world. There is one more part to the story. We have to put our faith in what Jesus accomplished through his perfect life, death on the cross, and his bodily resurrection, which is the full atonement for our sins.
There is nothing else we can add on to the blood of Christ on the cross. We are justified by our faith; not baptism, going to church, reading our Bibles, praying to God, good works, or anything else we can come up with. Why would God kill his Son if we still had to do something on top of Jesus dying to obtain salvation? That would not be grace, because grace is a free or unmerited gift from God. How is us doing something for God a free gift to ourselves? It’s not.
Along with faith will come justification, but on top of that comes sanctification and on going repentance. The Holy Spirit will start changing our hearts and make it more like Christ’s. We will see our desires change, our minds be set on things of the Spirit, our actions will start to reflect Christ, we are given a new heart, and we will serve one master, which is Christ. This is only possible because he first loved us.

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