November 19, 2009

"Why Go Back"

Verse 1:
Why do we dwell in our stony graves
We’ve be changed, rearranged, by the one who saves
He’s taken down death; we’ve taken up Christ
So let us tell the world who made us heirs and what’s the price

Verse 2:
Once you tasted honey who’d go back to Brussels sprouts
We should be sprouting words of life from our mouths
We’re not bearing any fruit we’re not growing in our faith
We’re doing what’s been done, but our debt’s already been paid

Break free from the shackles that you once lived in
Break free from the lies of the world and come to him
Break me of my lust, pride, and idolatry
Bring me to the crimson flow that was shown on top of Calvary

Verse 3:
If we try to live up to the law then we’re still condemned to death
But if we live for him, we’re alive to Christ and his Word gives us breath
His mercy, his grace, his wounds, our place, he died on the cross and rose from the grave
Conquered death, beat sin, crushed Satan, he wins.
He always does, he always will, he’s God of all, his son he billed.
Can’t boast, no pride, he’s the ruler of our lives, tell the world of the groom, and we are the bride


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